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Short Course 1: How to Accurately Interpret & Record Thermal Images

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Viewing and interpreting thermal images is one the most common tasks performed by thermographers. While most infrared instrumentation is relatively easy to operate, accurate image interpretation depends upon proper selection and use of thermal imaging equipment as well as a proper understanding of heat transfer concepts and infrared theory.

This short course will focus on key issues affecting proper interpretation of thermal images and how to avoid costly errors. This course is a must for anyone who uses a thermal imager.

Learning outcomes

This course will enable you to:

  • select infrared equipment appropriate for specific imaging applications
  • identify common error sources when interpreting thermal images
  • understand and compensate for errors caused by emittance, transmittance and reflectance
  • choose confirming techniques and tools for data verification
  • employ best practices for optimizing and storing imagery

Intended audience
This material is intended for anyone wishing to use an infrared thermal imager.  Course is designed for in-house and contract thermographers as well as managers of infrared inspection programs.


R. James Seffrin is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® and Director of Infraspection Institute located in Burlington, NJ.  Mr. Seffrin has over 40 years’ experience in performing infrared inspections for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. He is a co-author of several industry standards and is qualified as an expert witness on the subject of thermography.


The course price includes electronic copies of PowerPoint slide handouts.


Course FREE to full-conference attendees, all others: $99.00


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