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Frequently Asked Questions About the IR/INFO Conference 

What is the IR/INFO Conference?

IR/INFO is the world’s premier technical and advanced training conference for infrared thermographers.  Created in 1987 by Infraspection Institute, IR/INFO is a forum for information exchange in the thermographic, nondestructive testing (NDT), and condition based monitoring (CBM) realms. IR/INFO features advanced training, technical presentations by industry experts, and showcases the latest in infrared thermal imaging hardware and software.

How Does the IR/INFO Conference Differ from Infraspection’s Certification Courses?

The IR/INFO Conference is a unique gathering initially created by thermographers for thermographers. However, engineers, technicians, and managers involved in P/PM or NDT technology also benefit from the vast information exchange information at this valuable symposium.  IR/INFO provides a resource for thermographers to keep abreast of technological and regulatory changes in the constantly evolving realm of infrared thermography.

Who Attends the IR/INFO Conference?

In addition to staff from Infraspection Institute, IR/INFO is attended by the world’s most experienced and highly respected thermographers who willingly share their knowledge and unique insights with conference attendees.  Whether you are a new or experienced thermographer, it is likely that you will expand your knowledge and make new contacts that will help you to expand your capabilities, improve efficiency, and increase profits.

What are the Benefits of Attending?

In addition to advanced training opportunities, attendees of IR/INFO can learn about new and related technologies, network and share ideas with fellow thermographers, see the latest developments in hardware and software, and discover new thermographic techniques and applications.  These resources enable attendees to expand their skill sets, increase efficiency, and enjoy more profits.

I’ve Attended the IR/INFO Conference Before, Why Should I Return?

Thermography is a dynamic and constantly evolving technology where keeping current can be a challenge.  With this challenge in mind, the IR/INFO Conference is designed to help thermographers keep abreast of the latest developments and provide information about emerging applications, technologies, and information.  Whether you are a new or experienced thermographer, IR/INFO is the perfect continuing education solution for thermographers.

What Makes IR/INFO the Must-Attend Thermography Conference?

In addition to the technical presentations and educational opportunities offered annually at IR/INFO, the willingness of our attendees to share their expertise with fellow thermographers is unmatched.  Simply put, there is no other place where thermographers can find a greater wealth of information than at IR/INFO.

Can Attending IR/INFO Qualify for Continuing Education?

Yes.  All IR/INFO attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance that may be used as proof of continuing education for recognition by professional associations to which they belong.  Attendees also receive 20 points toward renewal of their Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer™ qualification.

Are There Any Discounts for IR/INFO Attendees?

Yes.  In addition to discounts for groups of four or more, attendees are eligible for discounts on Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® and Distance Learning courses.  These discounted packages are available exclusively to IR/INFO attendees.

Can You Help Me to Convince My Manager that I Should Attend?
Certainly! Recognizing that many of our attendees need approval from management in order to attend a technical conference, we have prepared a business case letter listing the top 5 reasons why the IR/INFO Conference is a good investment. We invite you to download the letter and paste its content into an email changing the highlighted text as appropriate. Of course, you are welcome to modify the text to meet your particular needs.

If you still have questions feel free to contact us by phone: 609-239-4788