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IR/INFO 2025

Orlando, Florida
January 19 – 22, 2025

Infrared Conference and Infrared Training


A-Rent Test Equipment’s mission is to build a better future together by providing our customers with superior quality test equipment rental & calibration solutions, unparalleled customer service, and technical support. We strive to maintain a diverse inventory of reliable and up-to-date equipment to serve the electrical testing industry. Our commitment to excellence guides everything we do, and we aim to be a trusted partner in our customers' success.
Detec Systems
Detec Systems provides leading-edge technology in the field of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) quality control testing and automated structure monitoring for roofing and waterproofing assemblies, and the building envelope. Our patented technology has served the telecommunications industry for over 25 years, protecting fiber optic cable routes against the damages of concealed water intrusion. This proven technology is now applied to the construction industry to solve similar problems. By providing early-warning of moisture intrusion, Detec benefits all stakeholders throughout the construction phase, including developers, design professionals, consultants, contractors, and insurers.
DNA Digital Group
DNA is at the core of the digital experience. By keeping our finger on the pulse of technology, we offer the best digital solutions for our customers to keep their businesses moving forward. We achieve this success by way of our team members who are committed to our customers through outstanding support and innovation. As part of our family, we are committed to our team members’ success and happiness.
EA Technology
Safer, Stronger, Smarter Networks: To promote the development of resilient, accessible, low cost energy networks globally, accelerating the transition to energy decarbonization.
Exiscan™ designs and manufactures electrical inspection windows that comply with safety and maintenance standards, and improve inspection safety, efficiency and accuracy. Proudly made in the USA.As always thank you !
Fast Forward
Fast Forward helps electric utility companies’ lower inspection costs by automating thermal inspections of powerlines using proprietary data collection software & vehicle mounted camera systems. Automated Line Patrol, automates the documentation of line patrol, while simultaneously cleaning up GIS data, building system inventories, and implementing inspections. Fast Forward takes care of all image processing, hosting and security, resulting in a simple report on each structure importable into any GIS software. Decrease data over 70%, while still attaining actionable results for the electric utility.

FLIR designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. Our products help first responders and military personnel protect and save lives, promote efficiency within the trades, and innovate technologies. FLIR strives to strengthen public safety and well-being, increase time efficiency, and contribute to healthy communities.

At Fotric, we create cutting-edge thermal and acoustic imaging cameras to enhance inspection efficiency. We empower industrial and commercial thermographers to reduce post-processing time with innovative on-device tools. Our users make data-driven decisions on-site with the help of embedded AI, while trusting in the temperature accuracy and exceptional image clarity of our cameras.
GuideSense Smart
Wuhan Guide Sensmart Tech Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is dedicated to the application and popularization of infrared thermal imaging technology in the civil field.

“Infrared technology benefits the public” is Guide Sensmart’s corporate mission. For many years, we have been focusing on infrared thermal imaging, trying to make this technology that expands human vision and perception infiltrate various industries and fields without borders or barriers to truly help everyone's work and life on earth.
Infraspection Institute
Infraspection Institute is the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. Founded in 1980, Infraspection Institute has trained and certified nearly 10,000 thermographers worldwide. With over 35 years in business, Infraspection Institute literally pioneered the infrared training industry. During our long history, we have shaped the infrared industry through training, technical consulting, technical publications, research, standards development, and software publishing.

Our mission is to support practicing thermographers with educational, certification and support services. We provide timely, accurate and unbiased information about infrared hardware, applications and program development. We are deeply committed to the global advancement of thermography as a science and a profession.
IRINFO.ORG is a content-based web resource and online community dedicated to professionally promoting infrared thermography and related PPM, PdM and NDT technologies. Through our Articles and Tips, we offer timely, accurate information that is updated several times each week. Our comprehensive directories of IR equipment manufacturers and infrared thermographers list resources unmatched anywhere in the world. IRINFO.ORG is owned by professional infrared thermographers with decades of real-world experience in all facets of IR thermography and noncontact temperature measurement.
Zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero fatalities in the global electrical services industry through technologies and solutions that allow safe, closed-panel, condition-based monitoring and inspection of energized electrical systems.

To be the driving force and global leader in the development of safe, efficient, and cost-effective, condition-based asset management solutions for energized systems.

Our EMSD solutions are designed to improve workplace safety by minimizing the risks associated with electrical system maintenance. They contribute significantly to achieving a safer working environment and promoting a safety culture.
JM Test
JM Test Systems is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of electrical safety, test equipment, calibration, tool repair, test benches, and trailers. We have been committed to the highest accuracy, reliability, quality, and service for over 40 years.
MSAI Inspection Services
MSAI specializes in superior Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) inspection services. Our skilled technicians – certified in Ultrasound, Thermography, and Vibration Analysis use state of the art analysis tools to ensure top-notch service quality. We are proud to be largely veteran operated and bring a commitment to excellence rooted in our military background.
PdMA Corporation was created on the foundation that individual responsibility and personal involvement ensures success. Our corporate and individual growth is dependent on our ability to meet our customers’ needs. Our goal is to help our customers work more efficiently and effectively within an environment of shrinking resources.

PdMA provides leadership and expertise in modern maintenance practices. We will help our customers accomplish their goals by monitoring the health and condition of electric motors with our advanced Electric Motor Testing technologies. We will find the solution that best accommodates our customers’ needs.

Our promise is an unyielding commitment to the highest professional standards of integrity, quality, performance and service. We vow to deliver these services through our family of employees and representatives who are dedicated to maintaining valuable personal relationships with each and every company we serve.

Customer satisfaction is not just part of our business, it is our only business.
Since 1975, SDT has provided ultrasound solutions that help our customers gain a better understanding about the health of their assets. We help them predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to the overall reliability of their assets.
TI Reporter™
TI Reporter™ is the world’s first cloud-based thermography reporting software that allows you to generate standards-compliant reports quickly and easily from your office or in the field.

TI Reporter™ works with all thermal imagers and cuts reporting time by up to 80%!
UE Systems
At UE Systems, we believe that every person regardless of their industry, company size, experience and budget should have the tools and support to help their facilities operate more efficiently, reliably, and safer. We do this by providing a portfolio of ultrasound solutions designed to be versatile and simple to use.

Since 1973, we’ve helped thousands of customers across the world prevent equipment failures, identify energy losses, and return home safe to their families and we are just getting started.
Vibration Institute
The mission of the Vibration Institute is to disseminate practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition without commercial interest.

The Institute offers programs including education, training, certification, and opportunities for exchanging technical knowledge, information, procedures, and data that are offered through meetings, publications, formal training and networking.

If you're ready to take your career to the next level and become a certified vibration analyst, consider our ANAB Accredited Vibration Analyst Certification Program today! With our comprehensive training and industry-leading instructors, you'll be well on your way to success in no time.
ZTZ Services International
Saving and Extending Transformer Lives- One at a Time. That is the mission of ZTZ. ZTZ engineers developed the basic science of transformer bushing monitoring in the late 1970s. A specialty company, transformer monitoring is the singular focus of ZTZ. All monitoring systems are hand-built in Miami and include a lifetime warranty and free technical support. ZTZ maintains four teams of field installation engineers who provide full turnkey installations. Suitable for most substation transformers from 13 to 1200 kV. Over 7100 monitoring systems are in-service.

Who Should Attend

  • Thermographers
  • Process Control Supervisors
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Loss Control Specialists
  • Reliability Engineers
  • P/PM and NDT Personnel
  • Manufacturers
  • Quality Assurance Inspectors
  • Home and Building Inspectors


  • Education
  • Learn New Technology
  • Networking
  • See Latest Developments
  • Share Ideas
  • Discover New Applications & Techniques