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Short Course 2: Current Standards and Specifications Affecting IR Thermography

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As thermography has matured, standards have appeared governing the conduct of infrared inspections, infrared test equipment and thermographer training.  Worldwide, there are several organizations that publish standards and specifications for thermography.  While some standards and specs share similarities, there are key differences between them.  Following published standards reduces liability, increases credibility, and helps to ensure repeatability for future inspections.  This course will focus on several key standards and specifications affecting practicing thermographers today.

Learning outcomes

This course will enable you to:

Intended audience

This material is intended for thermographers seeking to identify and utilize current published standards.  Course is applicable for in-house and contract thermographers as well as program managers.


R. James Seffrin is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® and Director of Infraspection Institute located in Burlington, NJ. He has over 39 years experience in performing infrared inspections for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. He is a co-author of several industry standards and is qualified as an expert witness on the subject of thermography. 


Course price includes an electronic copy of PowerPoint handouts.


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